Contest Requirements


It is the responsibility of the exhibitors to ensure that any contest to be carried out at the Green Living Show is in compliance with Canadian law. Each contest should have its policy posted at the points where ballots can be filled out.

The general guidelines for the promotion of a contest at the Green Living Show must state the items below, as they apply:

  • The “approximate retail value” of the prize(s)
  • The number of prizes to be awarded
  • The odds of winning. If unknown, it must indicate “the odds of winning are based on number of actual eligible entries”
  • Any regional allocation
  • Any limitations including age, employee, area of residence, non transferable, etc
  • The skill testing question requirement
  • The contest closing date and the date when the prizes will be delivered
  • Any other fact known to the advertiser that materially affects the chances of winning
  • The use of personal information, with an option to opt out of non-contest related communication
  • When a contest involves prizes being awarded at different times, please ensure that the promotion does not imply that prizes remain to be won if they have already been awarded
  • The requirements for participation should be prominently displayed. For example, where a purchase is necessary, in a contest of pure skill such as a slogan-writing competition, or, where no purchase is required, so that those wishing to participate are not lead to make a purchase.
  • While the Competition Act does not require that participants pay money in order to participate in a contest, it is prohibited under the Criminal Code to require that a product or service be purchased as the sole condition of contest participation. Other means of entry must be available, such as using a “reasonable hand-drawn facsimile” or obtaining entry forms by means other than making a purchase.

All contests being operated on the show floor must at a minimum adhere to the above rules and regulations.

Show Management must approve all contests.
Please fill out the contest requirements form below.

The deadline for submissions is March 6, 2019.
Show Management reserves the right to remove any onsite contesting not previously approved. Please contact with any questions. Thank you.

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